Digital Media

Super Lupe

– Writer, Director, Producer and Editor

Audience Award Winner – 2018 Brownsville Latino Comics Expo Short Film Awards

Official Selection – Brownsville Latino Comics Expo Film Festival (2018), Chicago International Genre Film Festival (2018), CineSol Film Festival (2018), Cleveland Concoction (2018), Latino Film Market (2018), and Portland Film Festival (2018)



So Happy – Harold Ramis Film School: Narrative Project

– Writer, Director, Co-Star, and Editor

 Official Selection – Official Latino Short Film Festival (2018)



The Rapture – Ramis Lampoon

– Director



Love Scene – Harold Ramis Film School Directing Assignment

– Story Creator, Director and Editor



Cultured Concoctions – Harold Ramis Film School: Second Term Narrative

– Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor



La Reyna – Harold Ramis Film School: Nonfiction Project

– Director of Photography and Editor



Boyfriend Whisperer

– Co-Star, Co-Producer, Editor



– Writer and Director



– Writer, Co-Star and Editor



Slasher – Never Die Alone
– Writer, Co-Star