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Documentary Short (in Production)


What would you risk to fight for justice? Playing Orlando will give visibility to the plight of over seven million Venezuelans who have fled their home country since Hugo Chávez came into power.


The story will be told through the lived experience of one of Venezuela's most renowned and beloved actors, Orlando Urdaneta, who used his platform to become an outspoken critic of Chávez - and who put his own life in danger when he became involved in a coup to remove Chávez from power.


Stop Motion Short, 2023

Co-Writer, Producer

Touchy and Sanyo are discarded electronic devices that are forced to be roommates, and must come to terms with their mortality.


Short Film, 2021

Co-Writer, Producer

When Felipe takes the Lakefront Trail, he realizes he’s being followed by a Mysterious Guy on an eccentric bike. Now Felipe is trapped in a dangerous game of cat and mouse - and it will take all his physical and mental strength to survive.


Short Film, 2018


 Modernest is a story about how fast and “modernest” the world is, and an homage to Charlie Chaplin's film Modern Times.

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